It has been well over ten years since I first used Flash in school. I have had my internship at media agency Woedend!, worked at SBS Broadcasting and game studio Soepel. Each more different than the other, but I’ve worked with Flash at all three of them in one way or another. Since I am working as a freelancer, I have made Flash animations for various brands. Amongst which: Peugeot, Norton, Suit Supply, DHL, Texaco and Lotto.

Creative animations

Motion defines the quality of a banner for a great deal. A banner with an awesome design but poor timing and pacing can end up terrible just as a simple design can become awesome with the help of good animation. Just the right amount of action and easing in the animation can make a banner stand out.

Full package

Awesome banners in any size you want, with click tag, within any file size and/or time restrictions. If required I can produce gif backup animations for viewing on iPhone or iPad. I also offer banner staging, allowing you or your client to view progress during the development of the banner set.

All round

Besides Flash, I am also experienced in print, illustration and webdesign. I can do a lot, but where my experience stops, I have awesome people in my network to rely on. Whether it’s design, programming, copy writing, hosting or even voice-over or music, your project is in safe hands here.